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This project is in collaboration with violinist Laure Chan
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Composed & Performed by Laure Chan & William Jack
Mixed by Olaf Schuberth, Vienna, Austria
Mastered by Trent Dobson, NSW, Australia
Recorded at The Park Studios, London, UK

Luna Roja
Inspired by fiery Latin music and dance, this piece combines gypsy flair, Argentinian tango and a touch of pop sounds. Laure and William have created a popular show piece displaying their dexterity on the violin and guitar, Piazzolla-like sound effects, a contrasted soothing middle section and finally a virtuosic cadenza at the very end. Listening to this music, you can imagine yourself watching the sunset with a sangria in hand on a summer evening.

Industrial machinery and high voltage electricity; 1516 is a powerhouse that lets the hair down on classical music! William encompasses the full range and versatility of the cello alongside Laure’s thrilling violin licks inspired by Jazz masters. 1516 is an unorthodox microbrewery in Vienna, Austria. During Laure and William’s traditional classical studies, 1516 was a popular social hub for students. This music celebrates good times, breaking some rules and making memories with friends.

This work pays homage to Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Narrandera explores extended string techniques that create native wildlife effects amid lyrical and highly rhythmic film score elements. Located along the Sturt Highway, Narrandera is a NSW country town at the centre of a diverse agricultural region. The word “Narrandera” derives from the Wiradjuri language, meaning "frill-necked lizard.” The music paints ‘a home among the gum trees with an old rocking chair.’

East Meets West
Inspired by Laure's Eurasian roots, the piece combines Celtic folk and Chinese traditional music with added pop, blues and rock styles. Laure and William perform on violin, guitar and cello, seamlessly transitioning between instruments. In the introduction, the guitar evokes the Chinese lute called the Ruan and the violin imitates the Chinese fiddle known as the Erhu. Celtic references include drones and dance-like compound time. The music expresses a sense of belonging.

A personal tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach, Laure and William have combined their classical music backgrounds with a fusion of folk and country music. The music quotes Bach’s famous ‘Air’ from the 2nd movement of his Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068. The piece expresses nostalgia and evokes life coming full circle, hence the folk melody from our composition “East Meets West” returns.

Passionate about breaking boundaries and exploring new possibilities, violinist Laure Chan and guitarist/cellist William Jack have combined their varying musical backgrounds and influences to create 5 original compositions in a fusion of styles including folk, pop, rock, latin, film, jazz, world and classical music. Their aim is to bring their audience on a journey around the globe featuring sounds from continents such as Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

(c) 2020 Laure Chan & William Jack
All Rights Reserved